Friday, December 28, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II First 3-D Christmas Message: A Royal Keeping Up With the Jones’s?

It may be a “mere” icing on the cake of HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee PR blitz, but is the queen’s 2012 Christmas message a sign of the traditional House of Windsor adapting to modernity?

By: Ringo Bones

Of all the annual Christmas messages being broadcasted on TV since her reign, the 2012 Christmas Message broadcast by HRH Queen Elizabeth II will be more special compared to her previous ones, not only because this year is the queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but also it will be the first time it will be seen on 3-D. Is this a sure sign that previously conservatively traditional institutions like the Royal House of Windsor is keeping up with the times?

It seems that a number of previously “conservative” traditional institutions have jumped on to the contemporary tech bandwagon. Even the Vatican had joined in as Pope Benedict XVI just started his own Twitter account a few weeks ago and attracted a million followers within the first 24 hours of opening. So why wouldn’t the British Royal Family be free in “Keeping Up with The Jones’s” like the rest of us?

 Well, at least the Queen’s 3-D Christmas Message for 2012 is more than just an empty hi-tech whiz-bang extravaganza. She did manage to hail the triumphant show of skill of both Olympic and Paralympic athletes during the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games, and the army of volunteers that made the games and her Diamond Jubilee a success. Given that the world’s TV and movie audience at large seems to be distracted away from 3-D and instead being currently seduced by 8K ultra high definition TV, the British Royal Family sticking with tried and true 3-D TV broadcasts that needs 3-D glasses / goggles to be viewed correctly is somewhat good news for the future of an imaging system that caters to us enthusiasts who still give a damn about true-blue binocular vision. Well, at least the 2012 London Olympics was broadcasted in 3-D. 

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